Trial by Fury

They changed his name

And mine on that day

Slavery to racial profiling

To justice for some.

Eric Garner to Dead

Homicide to Suicide 

Systematic Racism due to 

A Consequential Qualification.

“I can’t breathe”

Unless you conceive 

I’m not a danger

In this hood.

These garments 

These streets

Are they one and the same?

Now I’m under cardiac arrest

With the duty to remain

Silent, every ounce of eumelanin

Will be used 

Against me.

Cuz you’ll take two seconds

To shoot my child

And use nineteen bullets to slaughter

My brother.

Self defense against

A toy gun and a wallet. 

I’ll get a casket and you’ll get

Modified duty.

I’ll make the “mistake” of running

For my life

And you’ll get target practice

In broad daylight.

What if I never 

Put my hands in my pockets?

If I never wore certain clothes?

If I laid down before you got to me?

“Sir, why did you shoot me?”

I don’t know.

What if I borrowed your gun

You could just hand it to me

Put a shot in my head

Keep this the land of the free.

In the home of the slave

“He looks like a bad dude.”

I know their talking about me

But they should be talking about you.