2.42. NaNoWriMo Is Almost Here

Camp NaNoWriMo is on its way and I’m determined to start and complete the challenge this summer. Last summer was a complete bust and I stopped before I really got started…though I don’t think my heart was ever really in that project. This year, I have made myself a few promises…all of which I intend to keep.

  1. Outline this project until I just can’t outline anymore.
  2. Brainstorm until it hurts.
  3. Write down all thoughts, big and small, that may come to mind during prep.
  4. Treat June like a pre-game.
  5. Read like a madwoman.
  6. Submerge myself in the writing community to the best of my ability.
  7. Read more blogs geared toward writers.
  8. Meet participants of NaNoWriMo
  9. Use this blog to write about the journey.
  10. Be honest about the journey.
  11. Start the damn project.
  12. Finish the damn project.
  13. Enjoy the ride.

With that being said, if you read this and plan on participating, have a blog about writing, know a blog about writing, love a blog about writing…I ask that you comment and share a link to said blog. Leave your twitter/fb page/social media outlet so I may follow a fellow writer.

Many Thanks.


2.7. NaNo Army

Down to the final hours before NaNoWriMo begins. Looking for my army to enjoy sprints with. Follow me on Twitter @CerebralOMG. Gladly will follow back. Looking forward to the awesome updates and words of encouragement.

1.181 – Priorities (Twi-Hards Are MORONS)!

Okay, so I’m laying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep, and I’m flipping through my Pulse buzz feed on my Nook Tablet. It’s my nightly ritual to stay up to date on the world and what’s happening in it.

Wow, Skylah, that sounds pretty gosh darn exciting. So why the hell aren’t you in bed? Why are you sitting in front of your PC at 2am instead of sleeping?

Pipe the fuck down and I’ll tell you. FYI: this is a rant and I’m going to be a real bitch in about .5 seconds.

WHY THE FUCK is my news feed filled with articles and youtube videos about Kristen fucking Stewart? Kristen puts out a public apology after confirming that she has, in fact, cheated on Robert Pattinson with the director of Snow White and The Huntsman – Rupert Sanders.

This is where I take a breath and rub my head…because I just don’t understand. You’ve got these damn “Twi-Hards” going ballistic on their tumblr, twitter, Facebook accounts…having meltdowns for poor Robert, for poor Kristen…because it all had to be photoshopped…these people are losing their minds over this garbage.

And that’s when I got my ass out of bed. Because I’ve about had enough. Seriously.

Here are the facts:

Kristen Stewart is a cheater.

Rupert Sanders has a wife and kids that he has now screwed over for someone 19 years his junior.

Robert Pattinson must be heartbroken and humiliated.

Do I give a shit? NO!

Do you know why I don’t give a flying fuck?

Because these morons who feel so fucking moved over this absolute nonsense have no sense of reality or of what matters in the world. Did these people get angry, shed a tear, record a response video to the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado? Do any of them know the name of the six year old little girl who died at the hands of a complete sociopath?

We live in a society that cares more about celebrity scandal than the value of a human life. We live in a society where a girl is raped and told BY THE COURTS to keep her mouth shut. A society that will spend more coverage on an actress…that can’t fucking act…giving the pussy liquor to her director. We live in a society that will cry for Robert Pattinson and his potentially wounded heart over the truest heroes of our time – the people who sacrificed their lives for loved ones in a movie theater as it was shot up by some idiot who will probably get off because he is white and well educated – no doubt under an insanity plea.

James Holmes asked how the Batman movie ended. You idiots are asking what will happen to “Robsten.” You’re priorities are all sorts of fucked up and in my eyes…you are one and the same. As a society, we have failed; created killers and morons alike. I’m disgusted and finished. Now, I’m taking my angry ass to bed.

BTW, her name was Veronica Moser-Sullivan.

Dear “Twi-Hards” – Fuck you and goodnight.

RIP. I cry for YOU. – Jonathan T. Blunk, Alexander C. Teves, Jesse Childress, Gordon W. Cowden, Matt McQuinn, Alex Sullivan, Rebecca Ann Wingo, Alexander J. Boik, Micayla Medek, John Larimer, Jessica Ghawi, Veronica Moser-Sullivan.

1.170 – #WordMongering Or Camp NaNoWriMo Day 2

Time to hit the page.

7:54pm – Haven’t done any writing today. About to do some wordmongering (some term I just learned about via Twitter) on the hour. Watching the end of Beauty and The Beast with my son, on a full belly of home made tacos. Got a desk today from a friend so my computer is no longer sitting on the floor. Yay for that. So…apparently, for the #wordmongering thing – you write from the hour to the half and then record your word count. Anything to help the creativity flow. I’ll update at the half and let you know what I think of the process.

8:37pm – Okay, #wordmongering is epic! Got 1409 words in 30 minutes. Great to hear people cheer you on after a rush. This might just be my way to go. I’m definitely supporting this.

8:58pm – Ready for the next round of wordmongering.

9:31pm – Holy Crap! 1608 words in that #wordmongering session. I’m a believer for sure. If you are doing any sort of writing challenge, do it in this fashion. It’s totally giving me room to just get these ideas out and develop them as I slam the words. Loving it.

9:58pm – I think this might be my last round for the night. Starting to get a headache.

10:32pm – 1272 on my last run. I think I’m done for the night.

Shout out to @JaseR75, @MonicaMarieV, @DanniM86, @GirlWriter, and  @Kymele for being supportive fellow writers, great tweeps and kickass cheerleaders!

1.169 – NaNo Day 1 Continued

Technically, still on day one of CampNaNoWriMo. Yes, I’m going to actually fill this blog with a whole useless series of my NaNo journey. At some point, if I have the courage, I will share some excerpts and research that I’ve come across through the process. But for right now – I’ve come to a few conclusions.

  1. Staying up all night before an expected ten hour shift is a BAD idea.
  2. I should learn to read slower.
  3. Never tell another writer your candid idea – what they will do is give their two cents on what you should do despite the fact that they themselves admit that they can’t handle writing 1700 words a day. They will also walk around and tell anyone and everyone who will listen about your idea and how their suggestion is fucking awesome.
  4. Never expect your friends to act like they care at all about your work. The fake smiles and half-hearted questions don’t show interest when they come off as obligation.
  5. Don’t assume everyone you talk to is your friend, even if they swear up and down that they want to be.
  6. Ordering pizza is awesome.
  7. Pepsi doesn’t taste as good as it used to.
  8. I’m scared that I’m spending my “prime” trying to get out of a shitty ordeal and by the time I get away from all of this baggage…no one will like anything about me. Not that anyone does now.
  9. I have really low self esteem.
  10. I’m tired of hoping.
  12. People will agree to anything you say on a topic they know nothing about because they would rather have your opinion than their own.
  13. People don’t care about art anymore. I am beginning to think they never did. 
  14. God hates me and the feeling is still mutual. I just happen to be writing a book about him.

End of day 1 word count – 4429

Follow me on twitter for more useless updates – @CerebralOMG

1.168 – The All-Nighter

This post will follow me through my first all-night writing-fest for CampNaNoWriMo. Obviously, it will take me all night to write it but I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts as they happen. So here goes.

10:09pm – I know I will regret this choice in about 5 hours. I have to work at my new job from 7-noon and my old job from 12:30 to 5:30. I cannot even fathom how many cups of coffee I will consume in the next 24 hours. Why am I doing this? Well, besides the fact that CampNaNoWriMo starts in less than two hours…my son and I took a really late nap today. It’s not like I can just go to sleep and leave my son unattended. So as long as he’s up, I have to be up. By the time I get him down for the night, it may be after midnight and by then…sleep is just a lost cause. I’m also one of those people that hits snooze in my deepest of sleep until I have surpassed the time I was supposed to get up, which I cannot risk since I have to do five hours of computer training starting at the crack of fucking dawn. I’m already grumpy about this. But here’s hoping that my mind will be distracted as of midnight. Time to save draft. I’ll be checking in soon, kbye.

11:08pm – Went on a coffee run, yay for Starbucks double-shots in a can. Less than an hour until CampNaNoWriMo starts. Wondering how many words I can get in before my eyes go cross. Save Draft.

12:03am – AND GO! Save draft.

12:21am – Just realized my main character (MC) has no fucking name! Seriously. In outlining, I apparently left that thought out. Dumbass. Save Draft.

12:41am – 681 words down…a lot to go. Smoke Break! Save draft.

1:26am – Moving right along. Surprised my Twitter has very little discussion of CampNaNoWrimo on it. I really need to connect with more writers. Using strikethrough instead of deleting the nonsense on the page. I find that there are always hidden gems in the crap. Yes, my shit has gold in it. HAH. Listening to KRS-One. About 4 hours until I have to start getting ready for work. Need to refill my coffee. May consider another smoke break. Save Draft.

2:06am – My son refuses to sleep so I am bribing him with an episode of Blues Clues so he will sit still. That’s what I get for taking a really late nap. My cabin mates, a group of people you are assigned to for CampNaNoWriMo (kinda like a forum) don’t talk and one has already left. Beautiful. Think I might just drop the whole cabin participation because I hate being disappointed that I am the only person who bothered to say hello. Damn kids. Stumbled upon people tweeting about JuNoWriMo, which is apparently not the same as CampNaNoWriMo. I’m not about to start looking into that now since I can barely keep track of where I’m at right now. Someone better read this shit since I’m sharing, by the way, lol. A little shocked to not find as many people willing to talk about their journey and ideas. Damn you tweeters, stop writing and say something. HAH. Okay, back to the grind. Save Draft.

2:26am – Sleep just slapped me in the face and I came back with coffee and booty-shaking music. Yeah sleep, screw your face.

2:36am – These poptarts taste like shit! WTF!

2:50am – BITCHFEST ALERT: Feel free to deem me a miserable person based on this one part of this post: I am in the middle of my writing sprint and I get a random IM on Facebook from someone I really don’t even talk to who continuously plugs his sorry ass attempts at tattooing. At 2:50 in the fucking morning, you want to IM me and ask me if I need ink…WTF makes you think I would let you remotely touch my body and put something permanent on me? I get it, you’re learning. NOT ON ME, you’re not. Keep that shit moving, I don’t care how cheap it is. In tattooing, you get what you pay for and I’m willing to pay up for good ink. Period.

4:28am – The sprint rages on.

4:56am – I’ve hit a wall and somehow got preoccupied with So You Think You Can Dance videos on Youtube. Happy I’m at 2234 words. Wish I didn’t have to start getting ready for work in thirty minutes.

5:39am – Regretfully, I have to stop writing for now. Time to get ready for Job 1 for the day. Need to pick up a cup of coffee on my way in. Then job #2 at 12:30pm. Should be home around 6pm and then it’s a chill weekend with my son. Will probably spend tonight in a coma. Word Count thus far is 2910 so I technically don’t have to write again until tomorrow. We shall see.

If anyone reads this and chooses to comment, is the timeline of the process interesting or too chaotic/boring? I’ve enjoyed writing it, feels like I have a friend to talk to through the process but not sure if it’s worth reading. Hit me up, honesty counts for something.

Much Love, Sky.